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Serra del tormo

The art of making cheese

At Serra del Tormo we believe that cheese making is much more than a profession: it is a vocation. This is the reason why we wanted to recuperate the cheese maker tradition to give shape to each one of our pieces. The love for a well-made work is the secret of our cheese, where the land and the effort meet to create an outstanding taste.

A privileged location between the Ebre and Lo Tormo

We are located in Ribera d’Ebre area, very near the river and a few kilometers far from the Priorat. We breed our sheep in the superb environment of La Serra del Tormo, the mountain setting that names us. Standing in our lands you can contemplate the magnificent landscape that encircles Lo Tormo, the charismatic mountain that crowns the mountain chain.

Our sheep, the seed of our project

Our sheep are the secret of the cheese that we make, and this is the reason why we put so much attention in breeding them and feeding them with first quality cereal that we grow in our own lands. It’s been more than 30 years since we started our artisanal stockbreeding project, taking daily care of our sheep with the same effort as the first day.


Our cheese, the taste of a well-done work

In Serra del Tormo we elaborate every piece of cheese exclusively with the milk of our own sheep, that we feed with optimal quality cereal that we produce ourselves. We can guarantee a completely artisanal production process that results in a first quality cheese production.


World Cheese Awards 2016

The SERRAT-SERRA DEL TORMO Cheese among winners at World Cheese Awards 2016 The SERRAT-SERRA DEL TORMO Cheese  been recognised at the 29th annual World Cheese Awards in San Sebastián, standing out from the crowd among a record number of entries that were judged at the Kursaal Congress Centre on Wednesday 16 November. The ...

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World Cheese Awards 2016

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